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"She still held to the faith of her father, in that she believed there was a heaven waiting beyond this life, and yet she would not let her belief lead her unthinking into oblivion. I won’t surrender, she thought with a vehemence that startled her. I will walk this path to whatever end may await. I will not fade away into nothingness. I’d rather burn.

No, if the God of her father still ruled this world, then surely His reign was not in scripture scrawled threateningly across a wall, nor in the mind of a single, demented leader. Nor was it in the depths of that dark water, but rather in the light that filtered through the trees at dawn, in the flight of the pale doves in the morning, in the graceful, folding wings of a pair of mated swans, in the footsteps of a great stag upon the frosted earth, in the distant stars at night, the flames of the evening sky.

And in those few, small fires that yet flickered within the hearts of men."


Between the Fire and the Sky

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"The first time he looked at her he felt: everything will burn." - Anais Nin, A Spy In the House of Love


We all know it. The way he looks at her, that intense gaze. From early on there are glimpses of it: in the way he watches her singing for the group; in the way he hovers at the doorway of her cell, observing her, for a moment, in secret. And of course, all the subsequent glances he casts her way during their time on the run. Looks that could chill. Looks that could burn. But what is behind those looks? We all know the famous line from 'Still', when Beth tells him: "I know you look at me and you just see another dead girl." At that stage, she has a point: Daryl is unable to focus on anything other than all his various (perceived) failings. All the 'dead girls' he could not save, and his crippling fear that she will be next. Obviously, we know that during the course of 'Still', Daryl comes to see Beth in a much different light. At the end of 'Still' and during 'Alone', his longing gazes, his demeanor, and his tender, thoughtful attentions to her demonstrate his high regard for her. But what about before? What about the time before the fall of the prison, before they had (seemingly) lost everything? And what about before that? Did Daryl really always look at Beth and just see 'another dead girl'?
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