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Greetings! Relatively new here -- finally moved my LJ content over to Dreamwidth, and now hoping to connect with others over shared interests and fandoms. :)

About me:

Originally from the midwest of the US, nowadays living in East Yorkshire, UK with my husband and our two crazy wolfdogs.

When it comes to the fandom side of things, I'm hoping this move to DW might a) provide a bit of a respite from tumblr's insanity, and b) perhaps help me get back into the fic-writing habit so that I might (gasp!) finally finish some of my WIPs. For now, I will probably continue to cross-post a lot of meta and other fanworks from my tumblr blog(s), though I will generally only share personal updates here, where there are more privacy options. :)

On tumblr:

~ swiftsnowmane - my main/personal/fandom blog

~ the-far-bright-center - my Star Wars sideblog

On Ao3:

~ SwiftSnowmane

Current fandoms include, but are not limited to: Star Wars (The Prequels, The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, Rogue One, and the Original Trilogy), Black Sails (caught up in time for the series finale and I am blown away!), Twin Peaks (Audrey x Cooper), Kastle (Frank Castle x Karen Page), along with my long-time loves, Bethyl (Beth Greene x Daryl Dixon), and SanSan (Sansa Stark x Sandor Clegane), and many more.

Other activities include: Tolkien studies, medieval studies, folklore studies, reading, writing (mostly fandom-related), editing, food festivals, exploring ancient monuments/landscapes, art museums, living history, attending gigs, and co-organizing the annual Warhorns Festival. Other than that, most of my spare time is spent hiking in the Yorkshire Wolds with the hubs and our fur-kids. :)

Interests (150):

a field in england, a song of ice and fire, agalloch, age of sail, ahsoka tano, american gods, anakin skywalker, anakin x padme, ancient history, angelica x sexby, anidala, animation, anne of green gables, aragorn, art history, arthurian legends, atmospheric black metal, audrey x cooper, beauty and the beast, beowulf, beren and luthien, bernard cornwell, beth greene, beth x daryl, bethyl, black metal, black sails, bran x liadan, captain flint, classic rock, cullen x lily, darth vader, daryl dixon, david bowie, death and the maiden, derfel cadarn, dio-era rainbow, english civil wars, extinct megafauna, fairytales, falconry, fan art, fanfiction, fell ponies, film noir, finnish metal, finnish mythology, firefly, folk horror, folk metal, folk music, folklore, frank castle x karen page, friesians, gothic americana, grrm, hades and persephone, han x leia, hiking, historical linguistics, holder x linden, horses, icelandic sagas, jane eyre, juliet marillier, kalevala, kanan x hera, kanera, liminal spaces, luke skywalker, maedhros, mark lanegan, medieval studies, midwestern gothic, miss fisher's murder mysteries, mmfr, monsters, museums, mythology, nature, neil gaiman, norse mythology, obi-wan x satine, obitine, old english, old norse, original trilogy, padme amidala, patricia a. mckillip, period dramas, persian cuisine, phryne fisher, post-apocalyptic, prehistory, progressive metal, red x sorcha, ripper street, river x jayne, road to avonlea, robin hood, rugby league, sandor clegane, sansa stark, sansa x sandor, sansan, scandinavia, scotland, shape-shifting, sharpe's rifles, sir christopher lee, snips and skyguy, son of the shadows, soundtracks, southern gothic, star wars, star wars rebels, station eleven, stranger things, studio ghibli, tam lin, the bridei chronicles, the children of hurin, the clone wars, the devil's whore, the killing, the lake district, the last unicorn, the league of gentlemen, the night circus, the prequels, the princess bride, the revenant, the sevenwaters trilogy, the silmarillion, the skywalker saga, the vvitch, the wicker man, tolkien, twin peaks, uhtred of bebbanburg, vaderdala, viking metal, vikings, warhorns festival, willow, wolfdogs, wolves, writing, york, yorkshire
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