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I hadn't checked the stats on my Ao3 in a while, but today I happened to glance at them and noticed that Between the Fire and the Sky (my slow-burn Bethyl longfic) had reached 20, 000 hits! :O

Might not seem like a big deal to some, but that is by far the most hits any fic of mine has ever had (or will likely ever have, lol). BtFatS is my 'baby', so I'm just incredibly touched to see that people are still reading (and re-reading) it. :') 
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With my darling Opal in the churchyard of our new village


 Hey folks... I know I disappeared again, but things got a bit hectic around midsummer and then just....never slowed down. And after the whole Brexit thing utterly broke my heart, I sort of went into hiding for a while in fandom-land and hoped I never had to resurface again to the real world. (Of course, haha, the real world came calling again all too swiftly, but hey.... I tried. ;)

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Jun. 24th, 2016 04:18 pm
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you were meant to be

my home away

from home

my new Jerusalem,

hallowed hills, and hidden hollows

where far-seeking feet did walk

since ancient times,

but a FEARFUL land 

is never as green

as it seems

nor as pleasant.

this dark, dividing mill

you have set in motion

has broken our hearts

destroyed our hopes

and sundered our souls.

but wheels, like Fortune, turn;

may it grind your hate to dust,

your shame to grit and sand

and may it, dying, burn

to rain down as ash and soot upon

these lonely, clouded hills,

scattering the bleating lambs

frenzied in their blindness,

so that maybe, someday

a people worthy 

to wield the bow

of burning gold–worthy

of the sword in my hand, 

of the chariot of fire, 

will rise–

will stand

will reach out 

to those who dwell

on even the most distant shore

and walk together 

as one heart, one soul

to love, only love

and hate no more

upon a green and FEARLESS land. 


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Happy Birthday, Opal!

(I'd noted Fender's birthday a few months ago, so I couldn't NOT mention my boo-girl's day here, too.)



Opal drinking cream out of a teacup at Fountains Abbey/Studley Royal Gardens.


(Can't believe she's four already...sigh.)

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Happy birthday to my crazy Czechoslovakian wolfdog, Fender!

Hard to believe you're three years old, buddy. :D



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Herein is a list of all the various fanworks I've started, completed, and/or posted this year, including fics, edits, and a few commissions/collaborations. I've been feeling so incredibly down about all that I've failed to complete this year, so I'm trying to focus on what I did I manage to do (rather than the perhaps unrealistic amount of things I'd hoped to finish). :P

Most of these are viewable on the Bethyl and Fire & Sky sections of my tumblr, but since they are mixed together with works from last year, I thought I'd gather together everything from 2015 into one big list.

Also included toward the end are a couple of fic rec lists as well as my top five favourite fics that I read in 2015. Just off the top of my head, the ones that have stuck with me the most vividly. :)

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2015. It's not been the worst year, but it has been a difficult one. Filled with loss and near-losses, and the almost constant struggle to hold onto all that is good and beautiful in this world even as forces beyond my control constantly threaten to tear it apart.

I wasn't originally going to make such a personal post to start off my end of year round-up, but as it's been forever and probably only four or five people even view this blog tops, I figured why the hell not...

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"To be a legend, you've either got to be dead or excessively old."

-- Sir Christopher Lee ~

When saw the news this morning, I experienced a sudden tumult of emotions. Strange, perhaps, to feel sorrow over the loss of someone so 'old' who had let such a rich and full life--- surely, one might say, it was his 'time'. But while his death certainly comes as no surprise due to his advanced age, it's nonethless a bit of a shock. Perhaps we had all just started to believe that the man was, in fact, immortal. And perhaps he is -- there have been many long-lived and long-working actors of great quality, but few who have approached such near-mythic status.

His roles have been many, and others may remember him for things like Dracula, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the Star Wars prequels---all of which I likewise admire him for as well---but above all, I will always cherish two of his roles in particular.

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I may be aging myself here, but I recently found out that as of yesterday, my very first online community, Imladris.net (which later became known as Council-of-Elrond), has officially died its final death. :( 

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