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I hadn't checked the stats on my Ao3 in a while, but today I happened to glance at them and noticed that Between the Fire and the Sky (my slow-burn Bethyl longfic) had reached 20, 000 hits! :O

Might not seem like a big deal to some, but that is by far the most hits any fic of mine has ever had (or will likely ever have, lol). BtFatS is my 'baby', so I'm just incredibly touched to see that people are still reading (and re-reading) it. :') 
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"She still held to the faith of her father, in that she believed there was a heaven waiting beyond this life, and yet she would not let her belief lead her unthinking into oblivion. I won’t surrender, she thought with a vehemence that startled her. I will walk this path to whatever end may await. I will not fade away into nothingness. I’d rather burn.

No, if the God of her father still ruled this world, then surely His reign was not in scripture scrawled threateningly across a wall, nor in the mind of a single, demented leader. Nor was it in the depths of that dark water, but rather in the light that filtered through the trees at dawn, in the flight of the pale doves in the morning, in the graceful, folding wings of a pair of mated swans, in the footsteps of a great stag upon the frosted earth, in the distant stars at night, the flames of the evening sky.

And in those few, small fires that yet flickered within the hearts of men."


Between the Fire and the Sky

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Her heart shook with the thunderous truth of it: the world had fallen long before the turning, long before the hungry dead had risen up to devour those who dared yet live. It had not been the hissing of the Serpent, that whispered temptation in the Garden, nor the blinking, bewildered emergence from the forested Paradise. It had not even been the first slaying of kin, brother betraying brother. No, the world had been plunged into darkness the moment man had first placed his fellow man—and woman—in chains.

Bodies and minds, subjugated. Free will, stolen. Man had set his brother into bondage, and in doing so, had imprisoned himself. She’d never been in jail, she’d told him once. She hadn’t realized, hadn’t understood, that long before they had stepped behind those barbed fences, long before they had sheltered within those shadowed halls, they had all been prisoners. Humanity had shackled itself, long ago.

For the first time, she questioned her certainty in the injustice of this unleashed hell. For the first time, she wondered if the world was merely getting what it deserved.

There’s still good people.

No, she corrected herself. There’s only him, now.


Jun. 24th, 2016 04:18 pm
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you were meant to be

my home away

from home

my new Jerusalem,

hallowed hills, and hidden hollows

where far-seeking feet did walk

since ancient times,

but a FEARFUL land 

is never as green

as it seems

nor as pleasant.

this dark, dividing mill

you have set in motion

has broken our hearts

destroyed our hopes

and sundered our souls.

but wheels, like Fortune, turn;

may it grind your hate to dust,

your shame to grit and sand

and may it, dying, burn

to rain down as ash and soot upon

these lonely, clouded hills,

scattering the bleating lambs

frenzied in their blindness,

so that maybe, someday

a people worthy 

to wield the bow

of burning gold–worthy

of the sword in my hand, 

of the chariot of fire, 

will rise–

will stand

will reach out 

to those who dwell

on even the most distant shore

and walk together 

as one heart, one soul

to love, only love

and hate no more

upon a green and FEARLESS land. 


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"This is what he remembers as he finally falls down to his knees. When he sinks into a sea of blood, when the tips of his wings are stained dark red for the first and final time, a blessed crimson oblivion rising, coming for him at long last. This is what he remembers when the grit and the sand and the wind whirl around him, when all goes dim, when the last man standing stands no more."

>> Read the full fic HERE <<

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If there’s nothing to be done
If there’s no part to be played
If there’s no song to be sung
Take this voice, take these hands
I can’t use them anyway
Take this music and the memory
Of the muse from which it came
- 'If It's True', Hadestown


....in which I finally write RPF.

>> Read full fic HERE <<
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They didn’t look back by bubug


Beyond ecstatic to present this stunning illustration of Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon, commissioned for the cover of my Bethyl fanfiction, Between the Fire and the Sky. I wrote this entire story with the bubug's illustration style in mind, so this is my wildest dream come true.

Someone pinch me. Bethyl LIVES! :')


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