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I hadn't checked the stats on my Ao3 in a while, but today I happened to glance at them and noticed that Between the Fire and the Sky (my slow-burn Bethyl longfic) had reached 20, 000 hits! :O

Might not seem like a big deal to some, but that is by far the most hits any fic of mine has ever had (or will likely ever have, lol). BtFatS is my 'baby', so I'm just incredibly touched to see that people are still reading (and re-reading) it. :') 


Mar. 5th, 2017 04:04 pm
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I may be falling
through clouded skies,
and bloodied,
with the horror
of unholy revelation,
but it is you
who fell long ago
from far greater heights.
you may be standing
against the faded stars,
and suffering,
beneath the burden
of long-held darkness,
but it is I
who blaze
with undimmed light.
Let go
of your hate,
Let go
of your fear,
Let go
of your shrouded lies,
and I promise –
I will be there
I will catch you
and together
we will find 
our own piece of sky.
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Herein is a list of all the various fanworks I've started, completed, and/or posted this year, including fics, edits, and a few commissions/collaborations. I've been feeling so incredibly down about all that I've failed to complete this year, so I'm trying to focus on what I did I manage to do (rather than the perhaps unrealistic amount of things I'd hoped to finish). :P

Most of these are viewable on the Bethyl and Fire & Sky sections of my tumblr, but since they are mixed together with works from last year, I thought I'd gather together everything from 2015 into one big list.

Also included toward the end are a couple of fic rec lists as well as my top five favourite fics that I read in 2015. Just off the top of my head, the ones that have stuck with me the most vividly. :)

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If there’s nothing to be done
If there’s no part to be played
If there’s no song to be sung
Take this voice, take these hands
I can’t use them anyway
Take this music and the memory
Of the muse from which it came
- 'If It's True', Hadestown


....in which I finally write RPF.

>> Read full fic HERE <<
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"The first time he looked at her he felt: everything will burn." - Anais Nin, A Spy In the House of Love


We all know it. The way he looks at her, that intense gaze. From early on there are glimpses of it: in the way he watches her singing for the group; in the way he hovers at the doorway of her cell, observing her, for a moment, in secret. And of course, all the subsequent glances he casts her way during their time on the run. Looks that could chill. Looks that could burn. But what is behind those looks? We all know the famous line from 'Still', when Beth tells him: "I know you look at me and you just see another dead girl." At that stage, she has a point: Daryl is unable to focus on anything other than all his various (perceived) failings. All the 'dead girls' he could not save, and his crippling fear that she will be next. Obviously, we know that during the course of 'Still', Daryl comes to see Beth in a much different light. At the end of 'Still' and during 'Alone', his longing gazes, his demeanor, and his tender, thoughtful attentions to her demonstrate his high regard for her. But what about before? What about the time before the fall of the prison, before they had (seemingly) lost everything? And what about before that? Did Daryl really always look at Beth and just see 'another dead girl'?
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They didn’t look back by bubug


Beyond ecstatic to present this stunning illustration of Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon, commissioned for the cover of my Bethyl fanfiction, Between the Fire and the Sky. I wrote this entire story with the bubug's illustration style in mind, so this is my wildest dream come true.

Someone pinch me. Bethyl LIVES! :')


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