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As I've mentioned frequently over the last year, The Clone Wars animated series is one of my most cherished pieces of Star Wars media, and the movie that was made to start off the series is no exception. I adore everything about it, most especially the introduction of Ahsoka Tano, one of my favourite Star Wars characters of all time. Watching Ahsoka and Anakin (aka, 'Snips and Skyguy') bond so quickly and so deeply despite themselves still gives me a thrill even to this day. It has always meant everything to me that, by giving Anakin a padawan who becomes his 'spiritual daughter' in a sense, they have also given this character a direct legacy. This is truly incredible, if you think about it. (And it is so fitting that, later on, Ahsoka, as the legacy of the Chosen One, becomes this 'grey' figure, who is neither Sith nor Jedi, but instead almost this agent of the 'Will of the Force' itself.)

Even what first comes across as a seemingly 'cheesy' premise (aka, the fact that Anakin and Ahsoka must rescue Jabba the Hutt's son who has been kidnapped by the Sith and bring him back to Tatooine unharmed) soon becomes quite poignant once you realize that it is playing on an extremely important theme that runs throughout this story -- aka, the taking of children from their families. In other words, the kidnapped Huttlet can here been seen as representative of Anakin himself. Anakin, who is the ultimate 'Stolen Child' of the Star Wars universe. And so, the fact that Anakin is given this chance to help return the child -- the child of someone who is, for all intents and purposes, his enemy --  to his rightful home and family on Anakin's own home planet is just.,.so moving to me.

The above clip takes place right toward the end and is one of my favourite scenes. There are just so many things to love here: Anakin and Dooku dueling in the Dune Sea against the backdrop of starry desert sky, complete with Tatooine’s three moons. Dooku’s taunt about this being Anakin’s home world, and how he can sense his feelings of pain and loss. The anguished expression on Anakin’s face. The mini sandstorm he calls up via the Force in retaliation, which he sends hurtling toward the Sith Lord. (Of course, Dooku deflects it and sends it back tenfold, knocking him down, but the fact that Anakin actually uses sand as a weapon here is beyond perfection and tickles me to no end.)

This is also our first glimpse of angry!Anakin in this series, as Dooku informs him that his ‘insignificant little padawan’ is surely doomed. “She’s more skillful than you think,” Anakin replies, as my Snips and Skyguy feels explode. He speeds away toward Ahsoka, and Dooku watches him go, cackling gleefully. The fact that this is Sir Christopher Lee’s final performance in this role renders the entire scene infinitely more precious to me. The music here is also beautifully stirring, and solidifies this as one of my favourite moments of the animated movie.


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