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 The other day, I was speaking to the wonderful and talented Star Wars fan artist, @spectral-musette, and I happened to mention how amused I was by the fact that I had come out of Rogue One with a crackship (that I ship REALLY HARD), of all things. That crackship being none other than General Merrick (aka Blue Leader) and Mon Mothma...which I have affectionately dubbed 'MonMerrick'. ;D 


Ignore Chopper. He's not the droid you're looking for. ;D 

Even though they had maybe seconds of screen time together, tops, they still leapt out at me. The way he just so 'happens' to be in almost every single scene with her? How he walks just slightly behind her like he's some kind of honour guard?? And that scene where he grabs the guy who is running up to her and speaks to him all threateningly??? Oh yes, he's totally her protector/bodyguard. Le swoon. 

I said I knew I was probably being totally silly, but that, after the Rebels episode where Mon Mothma confesses that she has 'always admired pilots', I had flipped out and wondered if maybe there was a tiny bit of truth to my so-called crackship?!  I also couldn't help but notice that they even share a nickname with my beloved Anakin and Padme, aka... 'The Senator and the General'. (A senator and an ace pilot in a not-so-secret 'secret' relationship...where have we seen that before, ehhh?) So, we had a little laugh about it, and that was that.

Little did I know that the very next day, she would surprise me with THIS!! 


General Merrick and Mon Mothma for @the-far-bright-center

(Rebellions are built on hope but then they run on pure nerve and strong caf)

She drew me MonMerrick!!! I am just...still flailing and fangirling over this. It's MY SHIP. What a lovely, thoughtful surprise. I love it so much I simply had to cross-post it here for posterity. :'3  


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