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The most astounding thing about the music that accompanies Anakin’s fall is how sorrowful it is. Even as his ‘dark deeds’ unfold, Williams’ score is more mournful than ever. We are meant to weep for Anakin and for those who love him. For the Jedi and for the Republic. Because what is happening to this beautiful young man is the manifestation of what has happened—of what Sidious, and through him, the Dark Side, has done—to the galaxy itself.

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We are going to get out of here
Run from all the fears
Follow what we once held dear
When will we get out of here?

Bethyl fanvid, Shattered & Hollow by First Aid Kit

The wonderful @alillywhite has been kind enough to create a fanvid based on my one of my most cherished concepts: an AU in which Beth and Daryl eventually find each other. 


“All the best stories in the world are but one story in reality — the story of escape. It is the only thing which interests us all and at all times, how to escape.”

— A. C. 


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Greetings to whomever might still be out there. :)

Despite everything, my Beth/Daryl obsession shows no signs of waning anytime soon.

For a gazillion reasons which I've explained over and over here, I don't watch TWD anymore. I have zero intention of ever doing so ever again. The implications of the so-called 'storytelling' choices disturb me on so many levels and make me physically ill to even contemplate, so I would therefore ask kindly that anyone commenting on my posts from here on out refrain from mentioning the show in its current state (in terms of plot details, etc. Please. I just....don't wanna know).

This pretty much sums up my feels:

Burn it down....oh yeeeah. ;)

But obviously when it comes to shipping these two, I still ship 'em. Oh yes. So. Damn. Hard.

Currently working on a variety of Bethyl fics, mostly WIPs I started last year but never finished due to being thrown (temporarily) off my game by the idiotic showrunner's idea of what passes for 'canon'. (A subject upon which I shall not speak, ever again.)

Most recently, I *finally* managed to get some unbroken writing time to finish/post two one shots. They run semi-concurrently and can be read together I suppose:

Transcendence (Beth PoV, set during 'Slabtown')

From Earth I Rose (Daryl PoV, set during 'Us')

That's all for now, though I've got about 10+ WIPs in my drafts still! Eeek! How the hell did that happen? I don't know that all of them will necessarily see the light or be worth finishing, but I'm going to try. Hopefully will have some more writing time this weekend, but we shall see...

Unfortunately, I'm still trying to work out what direction to take 'All That Remains' (the continuation of BtFatS). I've been stalled for months due to indecisiveness. I had an idea of where to take the story back when I started it (or rather began to continue it), but I keep second guessing myself and my storytelling abilities. Everything ends up rather dark indeed. While I think Bethyl as a pairing should always have some dark and/or bittersweet element to it, I'm just not sure how much more angst I really can really handle at this point. The Fire & Sky-verse has always been my 'happy place', so I'm torn. But I can't help it, I'm a bittersweet soul myself with more than a little twinge of melancholy darkness, so everything I do generally ends up infused with that sort of vibe. I will have to ruminate on it a little longer. In the meantime, I will try to finish a certain shameless porn-without-plot fic I started back during Bethyl Smut Week, because, well....just because. :P

For those who've been waiting impatiently for the next chapter of 'All That Remains', here's a lil somethin'. The great unfbadger has just posted a mind-blowing piece inspired by a certain er, climactic moment from Chapter 3. ;)

Tickled me so much I can't help but share. :D

[Caution: NSFW !!!]

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Below the cut is a (revised) post that I made on Westeros.org a couple of months ago, that I thought I'd repost here for its Sandor-relevance. I know I'm completely stretching things here, but.....it works for me. :D

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