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The most astounding thing about the music that accompanies Anakin’s fall is how sorrowful it is. Even as his ‘dark deeds’ unfold, Williams’ score is more mournful than ever. We are meant to weep for Anakin and for those who love him. For the Jedi and for the Republic. Because what is happening to this beautiful young man is the manifestation of what has happened—of what Sidious, and through him, the Dark Side, has done—to the galaxy itself.

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Jun. 24th, 2016 04:18 pm
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you were meant to be

my home away

from home

my new Jerusalem,

hallowed hills, and hidden hollows

where far-seeking feet did walk

since ancient times,

but a FEARFUL land 

is never as green

as it seems

nor as pleasant.

this dark, dividing mill

you have set in motion

has broken our hearts

destroyed our hopes

and sundered our souls.

but wheels, like Fortune, turn;

may it grind your hate to dust,

your shame to grit and sand

and may it, dying, burn

to rain down as ash and soot upon

these lonely, clouded hills,

scattering the bleating lambs

frenzied in their blindness,

so that maybe, someday

a people worthy 

to wield the bow

of burning gold–worthy

of the sword in my hand, 

of the chariot of fire, 

will rise–

will stand

will reach out 

to those who dwell

on even the most distant shore

and walk together 

as one heart, one soul

to love, only love

and hate no more

upon a green and FEARLESS land. 



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